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With us, at Airwiz you don’t pay for your air duct cleaning service until you see the proven results with your own eyes!

At Airwiz, we try harder than all others duct cleaners in the MD DC VA area, we take more time on the job to clean deep inside the duct system even where the others will not care to clean.

Keep in mind that anyone can promise to clean your air ducts. But many companies are out the cheat with phony specials for a less than thorough, shoddy job that makes the air quality in house worse than before the cleaning.

Many companies do a poor job because they know you cannot see inside the ducts to check the results. And what is worse, an improper job can make the air ducts worse than before and spread loose dust everywhere!

Why Airwiz? Since it is too hard to find a good duct cleaner, why should you trust Airwiz?

With Airwiz you don’t pay for your air duct cleaning service until you see the proven results with your own eyes on our special Duct Camera!

You can trust us because we guarantee to do the most thorough air duct cleaning service you will ever have or the job is free! And you have nothing to risk, the quality of the work is guaranteed: you only pay for the job after you are absolutely satisfied!

You are able to avoid health problems caused by dirty ducts by cleaning ducts and addressing the indoor air quality in your home. At Airwiz Duct Cleaning uses a holistic approach to duct cleaning and indoor air quality, taking the time to understand your needs and teaching you about the issues you may face. We structure our services to meet what you really needs.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends having air ducts inspected every two years, with cleanings depending on the location and your home condition. The normal air duct cleaning not only helps you get the jump on germs, it also reduces odors, lowers your heating and air conditioning bills, and extends the life of your HVAC system.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How long will takes to clean out my air duct system?

It typically takes 2 technicians 2.5-4 hours depending on the size of the house and level of difficulty. It will take even longer according with bigger average homes.

2. How many times should I have my air duct system cleaned?

The National Air Duct Cleaning Association advise cleaning every 3-5 years. If someone in the household has asthma, allergies, or respiratory concerns, it can be more frequent.

3. Will cleaning out my air duct system make a mess in my house?

No, because we make sure to clean the “entire system”, nothing is left behind. We go the extra step to keep your house as clean if we were never there.

4. How do you clean the air duct system?
Airwiz uses the proper method recommended by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. We employ the use of gentle scrubbing and extreme high pressure compressed air to flush all of the dust while a giant industrial size vacuum sucks the dust out of the system. The results are perfect and the cleaning methods we use will not damage flexible ducts.

5. Are there different methods or ways of cleaning an air duct system?
The three most popular methods are vacuuming, rotary scrubbing and air sweeping. Our method employs all three at the same time.

6. How is air duct cleaning priced?
Air duct cleaning is estimate by the number of zones (thermostats) in the house. You should beware of companies offering “Whole House Duct Cleaning” for some cheaper price than others.

7. How about the Airwiz price?
We are not a low quality “cheapest guy in town” kind of company, because what we offer is proper and thoroughly deep air duct cleaning. But our price is below the average charged by other great companies. You gonna save about $ 100 when you compare us to other quality companies.

8. I saw a special for much less than half of you price, what is the difference?
Unfortunately, there is lot of shady businesses using the fact that you cannot see inside the air ducts to cheat on the quality of job. The cheap companies only quickly blow air in the vents and run out the door to the next fast house of the day. Many times, their final bill will be up to 10 times more than the announced price after the bait & switch charges. And what is worse? Improper air duct cleaning may put dust and microbes sitting in the ducts to circulate all over the house. The good companies scrub, flush and vacuum deep inside the air ducts so no residual dust is left behind.

9. Are you a part member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association?
Yes. Airwiz holds a NADCA ASCS Certification.

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Here is our Free Trial Guaranteed, Nothing to Risk!

How it works:  The first hour of the work is a trial, if you like the job, you can give us permission to go ahead and finish it.

Or, if we fail to impress, you can tell us to stop right there and we will pack up and leave.  And there will be no charge!

We have the courage to offer this Free Trial because we work extra hard to provide a great job.

We are confident you will love us!

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AirWiz Duct Cleaning VS Other Companies

While all companies promise to do a good job, most will perform just a rushed, superficial job, that is NOT thorough at all!
On Airwiz you don’t pay for your air duct cleaning service until you see the proven results with your own eyes!


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