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Dryer Vent Service Equipment

Our trucks are equipped with every single piece of professional vent cleaning service equipment ever designed. This is what it takes to make sure a good dryer vent cleaning service job is done

We always use industrial equipment to enter your vent, scrub them from end to end and loosen up all dust, contamination, debris, lint, clogs, nests etc. The right tools for even the toughest jobs!

Dryer vent cleaning requires more than professional cleaning tools, we also need a lot of special tools and equipments for accessing and repairing metal duct work

Dryer vent Inspection equipment used by Airwiz

Cleaning is only one part of our service.  Airwiz also have tools to make sure your dryer vent is well inspected for several mechanical issues that only a true a professional like Airwiz can diagnose.

Video camera inspections to detect and located clogs, disconnections without cutting walls