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HVAC Coil Cleaning

Have more air flow out of the vents and save energy while you breathe cleaner air
According NADCA coils are should keep cleaning at least yearly for maintenance hygiene and proper air circulation. Coils are not included in your annually tune up by you HVAC company visits and this is too important to leave to chance.

Airwiz always suggests that the evaporator coil cleaning be performed at the same time your air ducts are cleaned. We offer two kinds of coil cleaning, dry cleaning, and wet cleaning:

Type 1 – (Dry Cleaning of Coil): its included with the air duct cleaning service process. It means dusting off and vacuuming the internal parts of HVAC air handler including the evaporator coil.

Type 2 (Wet washing of Coil): Type 2 cleanings are called for when a coil is visibly dirty and mold contamination is present either on the coils of other surface around the HVAC air handler unit. Type 1 cleaning can’t restore efficiency conditions as much as Type 2 Wet Washing.

Before Vapor Cleaning

Coil Super Hot Steam Jet Cleaning and disinfection